Monday, May 20, 2013

Why It All Seems So Futile Sometimes ....

That feeling of futility ....
I quote:
"When an overweight person cuts down significantly on what he eats, the body defends itself by using fewer calories. The effect can be long-lasting: If a person’s weight drops to 150 pounds from 250, significantly fewer calories must be consumed daily to stay at that weight than would be necessary if the person had never been overweight. 
"Even if a 170-pound person loses 20 pounds, he needs 15 percent fewer calories to maintain the new weight than someone who always weighed 150."

Really, the dispiriting thing about an article like this is that it basically says, "If you're already overweight, forget those fantasies of losing weight and living like a 'normal' person, because even if you do, you won't.  Oh, and did we mention?  Once you've been overweight: there's about a 99% chance it's already too late." 


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